Careers at PB

Working at PB Interactive Media will give you a taste of having your own business.

This is because PB’s team is such a small team, you will be working directly with the founder and have hands-on experience.

The people in PB Interactive Media are highly ambitious people, so by working here you will learn to work under pressure, secure, and efficient.

We would like to have the best people to complete our team and move forward together in inspiring new generation of entrepreneurs.

Employment Type

Currently PB Interactive Media only offers part-time employment, freelance and official university internships (Long-term internships that last approximately 5 months).

University Projects

PB Interactive Media's vision is to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. So naturally, we are open for universities that would like to do projects with PB Interactive Media. If you are a university representative, please contact us here for more information. We are also available to come as guest speaker if needed.

Browse career opportunities

Currently there are no career opportunities available.