Peek inside our mind

PB Interactive Media is a complete solution and strategic consultancy in brand design and multimedia development.

It is a branding-oriented company filled with fresh, young talent that master diverse skills in strategic business communication, creative concepts, designs and development.

The clients of PB Interactive Media are international clients are ranging from small-to-medium sized companies that are in need of affordable marketing and communication, up to multinational companies that need fresh ideas injection.


PB Interactive Media was born in a small studio apartment in December 2011, during a discussion between two good friends about what they want to achieve in life for their self-fulfilment.

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Marking the future

The journey of PB Interactive Media is filled with curvy roads. But giving up is never an option for us. And until now we have defied the odds through our perseverance.

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At PB Interactive Media, we’re not trying to reflect some idealized, perfected image of us. We embrace our character. What you see if what you get when you work with us.

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